What We Do

The Belfry is a place for YOU! many describe it as a home away from home. Here you will find comfy couches, a TV with an Xbox, free wireless, drinks and snacks- all to help you study or relax! we love to worship together and eat together. You will find nourishment for your body and your soul at the Belfry! We welcome all people of all faith traditions, whether you are a person of deep faith or searching for spirituality, you will find a place here. Our ministry is for you and we tailor what we do to fit your needs. Each quarter our events reflect what you are interested in. Our programs are designed to encourage dialogue and expand knowledge. Whether you are interested in Bible study, about Christianity, your relationship with God or connections between faith and current events, we find times that fit your schedule and your needs. We have worship every Wednesday at 7 pm in Ranstrom Chapel, which is in our building at 216 A St. We alternate between Lutheran and Episcopal liturgy, which includes prayer, readings, a sermon and Holy Communion. We then enjoy dinner together afterwards.