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Weekly Events

  • Weekly Worship and Dinner Every Wednesday @ 7:00pm

    • Come join us for as we gather for worship and a great meal.
  • Bible Study 

    • Come read a lesson and learn to think critically about what we read. This quarter we're taking a closer look at the Parables!
  • Spirituality Group 

    • Come explore with us the different ways we can practice our spirituality, such as through prayer, meditation, and more.
  • Pub Theology

    • Come and listen and share when we get together to discuss different topics.
  • Faith and Film

    • Come and enjoy some pizza as we watch a great movie and afterwards discuss the film!

Events like Bible Study, Spirituality Group, Pub Theology, and Faith and Film take place on different days and times each quarter. Sign up for the weekly email blast to stay up to date, or check The Belfry's Facebook page

To request use of the Belfry space, please send an email to Casey at programs@thebelfry.org with the date, times, space requested, and intended use.