Are you called to Board Service?

The Belfry is seeking new Board Members to serve a three (3) year term beginning immediately.

Board leadership of the The Belfry is vital to the life of this ministry. In addition to its fiduciary responsibility, the Board shapes the organization’s strategy and policies to ensure that The Belfry is fulfilling its mission to maintain, develop and promote the ministry of the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches to students and faculty in institutions of higher learning in Davis, California, according to its program priorities.

Board members are each stewards of the organization, bringing their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Representing and advocating for The Belfry are critical roles. There are no specific professional, educational, or experiential requirements, but a passion for The Belfry’s ministries is a must! 

Role and Responsibilities

Board service can mean a variety of things based on your personal skills and capabilities, but in general Board Members serve The Belfry in three general and related areas: (1) personal time commitments, (2) financial support, and (3) engagement.

In addition, each Board Member specifically agrees to:

  1. Promote The Belfry to the public and my organization/congregation and act as a spokesperson;
  2. Come prepared for all board meetings and ask to meet with The Belfry staff separately when I have questions;
  3. Participate in fundraising efforts;
  4. Act in the best interests of The Belfry, excusing myself from any discussions or activities where I have a conflict of interest;
  5. Make a meaningful financial contribution to The Belfry, giving or getting an annual total of $1800;
  6. Stay current on The Belfry communications, including the Volunteer Blog and Facebook posts;
  7. Work in good faith with staff and other board members toward the betterment of The Belfry;
  8. Engage with young adults, to the extent that I am able, by
    1. being present at one Wednesday night student Eucharist and Dinner per program year 
    2. coordinating my own opportunity to tour at least one LEVN placement site or meet with the site supervisor
    3. visiting LEVN Volunteers in their intentional community, hosting them for coffee or meals, etc.
    4. attending The Belfry community events.
  9. Serve for a three-year term, to the extent I am able.
  10. Expect the board president to call me and discuss my responsibilities as a board member if I do not fulfill these commitments.

Ready to apply?

If you believe that Belfry Board Service is right for you, please email our Executive Director, Emily. She will arrange a meeting to discuss the Board Responsibilities in more detail and to discuss how your particular abilities may suit this call.