Campus Ministry

We are a diverse community

You are welcome here whether you’re Lutheran or Episcopalian, or come from another faith tradition, or no tradition at all. Whether you are a person of deep faith or you are searching for spirituality, you will be comfortable at The Belfry.

We are a place to play

At The Belfry, we like to take our faith seriously, but not much else. We believe that people who play together stay together. So we do a lot of playing! Join us for a game of Xbox, a round of air hockey, or just relax and hang out with friends.

We are a place to pray

As a community of students, we need to share our successes and failures, dreams and fears.  To help each other, we pray together in times of celebration and times of stress. Our commitment to prayer is found each time we gather in God’s name.

We are a home away from home

It is important to have a community where you can trust each other and grow together. We respect each other at The Belfry, and you are known by name here. Students live, work, worship, volunteer, eat and play here. Everyone has a place at The Belfry.

We are a place to serve

Mission trips, local service projects, and social justice events are just a few ways that we put our faith into action.

We are a place of exploration and conversation

We share and discuss the current issues of the day, especially those regarding theology, science, and college life in general.

We are a place for free food

Every Wednesday we gather at 7:00 pm for worship and dinner. We share diverse and delicious meals and great conversations.

This is the place for you!